I’m doing the first ever Nerd’s Digest!

Every week I get to read and watch a lot of stuff online and it’s such a bummer not venting these thoughts out. Apparently, it’s quite hard to find someone to talk these stuff out.

I might loose my sanity to the solitude.

This is basically a weekly post where I get to share what I’ve learned during the week that might or might not interest you, but still worth the try.

DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt to read if learning something new is not your thing or bores the soul out of you. I don’t want you to blaming me for sleeping in class or while at work.

So, what’s nerdy this week?


Two Creme Filled Donuts

This topic might be a little bit sensitive since there’s recently been a lot of buzz on the internet about body shaming.

Fat is not something we must despise. In fact, without fat, those fat-soluble vitamins would leave your body as much as water-soluble vitamins would. In other words, fat is like our body’s nutrition storage device.

Obesity, or excess of body fat, is caused by multiple factors.  The kind of food and amount of physical activity is mostly contributed to this disease.

Rapid and excess intake of food compared to how the body naturally exhausts or consumes cause unused energy from food to become fat. Without exercise, more and more of this unused energy is transformed and a person’s fat percentage.

Without exercise, more and more of this energy is transformed and a person’s fat percentage piles up.

Obesity is a rapidly increasing global epidemic.

It gives any person higher risks of acquiring diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and cancer.

Being different from others is not worth the shame and embarrassment, but being obese and as well as staying unhealthily skinny is something else.

Diwata I

Image result for diwata I image

I recently only discovered the released photos of Diwata-1, Philippines’ very own micro-satellite.

It has gained praises for the quality of photos it has taken from orbit.

With that being said, let me differentiate a satellite from a micro-satellite.

  • Satellites can contain more powerful devices and lenses than a microsatellite
  • As electronic computing devices get more powerful at the same time smaller, micro-satellites are getting more attention due to size, cost, and power-efficiency.
  • Satellites can harbor more powerful lenses than micro-satellites

So, being noticed for its powerful images despite being a micro-satellite is something to be proud of as a Filipino who’s grown to love science and technology.



Free stock photo of sea, man, person, ocean

Well, if you’ve never heard this before, Hypoxia is a condition where your living cells are having trouble ‘breathing’, or they don’t receive much enough oxygen to perform their functions.

So what’s interesting about it?

Well, if you’re riding an airplane and windows suddenly break sucking all the oxygen out: you have only 30 seconds left to live.

I learned that most of us disregard the safety precautions these airship crews always perform when we ride our planes. Also, that when a rapid decompression in an aircraft happens, you save yourself first before saving others or you both die.

It takes a really short amount of time for the body to get Hypoxia.

This is it for this week’s Nerd’s Digest. 

I hope you guys like it. As this is the first issue, I would love to hear comments for improvement from you guys. Please leave them in the comment section below.


“Kung walang knowledge, walang power.”
Ernie Baron

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