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Detectives deal with the unknown but most of them deal with taxes.

This week’s digest will be all about things that were and are still unknown.

When we speak of the unknown, we usually think about whether unicorns exist. If they did, do they even poop rainbows?

That would be awesome if we did know about theirΒ excretions.

But to be really realistic, here are a few things that not even the brightest minds have the answers. There’s so much we don’t know yet, and knowing them is nonetheless exciting.

Happy reading, nerds! πŸ™‚


Although astrophysicists are pretty sure the universe is big, they don’t, however, know how big it is.

One underlying problem is its shape. It can be infinitely flat or it may be spherical or it may be doughnut-shaped.

Another is its expansion. It can go fast, slow, or even faster than the speed of light.

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Another is our ability to measure it. Β We can only use light but it’s not reliable. Imagine if the universe is REALLY big, the light of a star residing at the edge of the universe will reach our solar system by only God knows how long because its light would take time to reach us.

But for now, the size of the OBSERVABLE universe is about 46 Billion Light Years in radius (if the shape is actually a sphere).




Ninety-nine percent of the Earth’s Biosphere comprises of the oceans, rivers, lakes, and almost every bodies of water but only 5% of it is known to human beings.

Only an accountable number of animals found in Earth’s water has been recorded and named due to the fact that it’s very big. Β On top of not knowing what species are still yet to be discovered, we don’t know how the deep ocean looks like.

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But even if we do find out what the other 95% is, we would never reach the 95%, since life continues to evolve at a pace faster than we can write them down the list. And even if we make a fairly accurate map of how the ocean floor looks like, by the time we’re done, it’s shifted and moved so much that we would need to redraw.



In 1937, Amelia Earhart dared to go on a round trip across the globe.

As she and her navigator approached Howland Island in the Pacific, something went wrong.

Since then, Amelia and her navigator mysteriously disappeared from the face of the Earth.

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Even though multiple theories were formulated to explain their disappearances, they were no more than theories.

Some speculate they survived and lived happily together, while others thought they’ve been abducted by aliens. Although this is a disturbing case of disappearance, it has transformed the minds of countless people even writing books and stories.

In the end, what really happened to Amelia and her navigator remains a mystery.


What unknown things have you questioned lately? Share them in the comments below! πŸ™‚

36 thoughts on “Nerd’s Digest: The Unknown”

  1. As I read the last part of the post, I suddenly thought of the song “Someday We’ll Know”. πŸ™‚ What ever happened to Amelia Earhart? =) But because of this post, it made me read a lot of articles about Earhart. I only heard her name from the song I mentioned :3

    1. Amelia is an aviation icon because she’s made an imprint on it. Women of her age during those times were more likely to be just simple housewives. So, she was different and it made her stand out,

  2. I hope Amelia lived and had 10 children and dozens of grandchildren. The universe and the oceans are really big but why do we have to know how big it is? I actually like the idea of me not knowing everything. It’s in the surprises the life becomes interesting. Maybe I am just the type who likes to jump off a cliff without knowing how deep is the water. Sometimes, it is better to find out the hard way. hahahah

    1. Hahaha. Existentialists will daresay we really need to know the size of the universe so we can realize our place in it. But yeah, not knowing is exciting. Who likes spoilers anyway? πŸ˜€

  3. Ahhh I remember the days when I scoured the internet to research about Amelia Earhart and what really happened to her. I’d say it remains a mystery! Also makes me think of the movies Journey to the Center of the Earth.. and the sequel of that with the Lost City of Atlantis. I researched about it too! HAHA

  4. I am always curious since I was a child about how the heavenly bodies work, its features, the galaxy, the universe, the stars and other objects that are still yet to be discovered or be remained unknown. I remember I came to ponder if the movie – Interstellar – would be as realistic as it was! And at some point at the future would happen! Who knows? Technology evolves fast, maybe in the future, robots and humans will able to discover more of the unknown!

    Do you believe in mysterious cases like century old photo of a man alleged to be from the present times? Do you believe in bermuda triangle? Do you believe in mysterious creature under whatever-I-don’t-remember lake or sea?

    There are plenty of questions under people’s mind that are still yet to be discovered!

    1. Time travel to the past? Probably. Bermuda triangle? If statistically speaking, there are more cases of missing aircrafts or ships in the pacific, so no. HAHA. Loch Ness is a hoax. πŸ˜€ Great insights though.

      I remember the first time sketching the solar system and I eventually asked if there are more than just planets and the sun. Turned out, there are other moons, Oort Cloud, Kepler’s Belt, etc. It’s amazing when you find and learn new things. It keeps you in awe.

  5. You know, I think about ALL these before I sleep. Even my boyfriend gets tired of me listening when I talk out loud about alternate universe and if mermaids poop.. Haha. I really like reading your blog posts, because I can’t seem to write these stuff myself. There is definitely beauty in not knowing everything. πŸ™‚

  6. All I knew about Amelia was that she was mentioned in a song. Knowing the story behind her disapperance made me understand that line in the song. I have an irrational feeling that she was alive after she webt missing and was adopted by a group of animals, Tarzan-style. HAHA!

  7. Oh no, you made me formulate my own “unknown” too. I really like how your mind runs in its own curiosity. You possess a brilliant observation that only rare people can have, I’m not even aware of those not even think of it. You are truly amazing.

  8. This is definitely a post my mind would start writing on its own during the late hours of the day. Hahaha.
    Some additional random thoughts regarding each point you made:
    1. A quote from Arthur C. Clarke which says: β€œTwo possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”
    2. How would it look like if the entire ocean was crystal clear and transparent? That thought both intrigues me very much, and kinda terrifies me.
    3. I grew up with my eyes glued to the Discover Channel, Nat Geo, among others, and have always tuned in to shows that featured her story because it was so interesting. From the Bermuda Triangle, to alien abductions, there’s so much hypothesis going on around the mystery of her disappearance. But another thought I’ve always been kind of fond of was that what if she just got settled in a faraway, remote place and never decided to make herself known again just because? Haha.

    1. Wow. What insights! I definitely can say that there are others like Earth. Billions and trillions and trillions of Sun-like stars and we’re the only one harboring life? Pretty crazy, right?

      Let’s just say the Sun had enough energy to pierce through 11KM of water, it should be fantastic! Not only that we can see through the ocean floor but see everything that’s been devoured by it!

      We grew up watching the same channels. πŸ˜€

  9. My future is still “unknown.” Yours, too. We don’t know when will we die or where will we go decades after today. In fact, whether if we’re still dead or alive is something we can’t figure out today. Despite too many unknown variables in our life, I think we have to live in the now and get ready to be in the “unknown” by working on our dreams day after day.

  10. It’s amazing how much we really don’t know about the earth. Even the brightest minds cannot comprehend what else is out there. I just hope we can find ways to know more and more. πŸ™‚

    1. The thing about scientific discoveries is that it’s always mostly accidental or experiments with unexpected outputs. So, who knows, maybe someday someone will accidentally find the cure for cancer or where we evolve from.

  11. Questioning the unknown will really puzzle your mind. Dang! I think everything in this world started from the Unknown until it/they became known. I’ve been questioning myself now, how to be you po ‘JD’? Or should I say your thoughts are really wild and your mind is undeniably bold! This is one of the good articles I’ve read so far. Keep it coming Totem the Engineer. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for the praises Elmo! πŸ™‚ It’s really nice reading these types of comments cause it makes me think I’m actually making good content though I know I have a lot to learn. πŸ™‚

  12. “And even if we make a fairly accurate map of how the ocean floor looks like, by the time we’re done, it’s shifted and moved so much that we would need to redraw.” This is so frustrating lage!!! Mamatay nalang tang tanan, di gyud gihapon ta maka hibaw sa tinuod nga nawng sa deep ocean and the creatures the lie beneath. Haha! Nalingaw lage ko nag basa. I should probably read more of your Nerd’s Digest!

    1. Thanks Kath! So far, nindot ug reviews akong Nerd’s Digest. Hahaha. If you have time, click on the links that kickstarted my curiosity on those things. πŸ™‚ They’re great content!

  13. Now that was interesting. I remembered the things I used to talk to my partner when I was in graduate school. Hahaha. I kinda miss being a nerd.

    As for the things I’ve been questioning now…well, it’s been mostly about death. I think I might be going through existential crisis…and I keep wondering how it feels like if you die. Urgh.

  14. I always wanted to know everything when i was a child, like how the heck those people got inside the box (tv?)?
    How is someone able to talk inside a small box? (radio). I always wonder how electricity flows and how you got electrocuted ? How airplanes fly, I even wonder why every chicken after drinking would raise their head up to the sky.

    But scientifically speaking, I always wonder about Out of the body experience, wherein they say it really felt real that the soul had separated the body. Some say that it is possible by practicing the wake initiated lucid dream. But how real is it? Can’t we just induce OBE as long as we want? Could this be a proof that spirit world exists? I’m always puzzled about life after death (afterlife) but I don’t really think OBE is enough proof that afterlife world and alternate dimensions exist.

    But sometimes, it’s really exciting not to know everything. I don’t like surprises but let’s face it you can only know what you oughta know.

    1. Wow. A mind like yours is what the world needs. Did you know curious people in the past were the reason we can do what we can do today? Hahaha.

  15. Unknowns, in general, makes the world interesting. Everyday some people try to push the limits to find out something new or better. Our curiosity alone will ignite ideas and with the resources that we have now we can do some research right away. As diverse as the world as it is today, it’s actually quite a challenge to find something that’s completely unknown; everything is pretty much a derivative of something else.

  16. I once stumble a video that made ne realize how small the Earth is in the Universe. With all the graphics presented, Earth were like a single grain of sand. Haha! Realizing how big the universe is, made me question if I’ll stick to my belief that we’re only the living individuals in the whole universe. Haha!

    1. Not just Nerd’s Digest but other blogs as well. Reading improves how you write, too. It might as well cure headaches. Hahaha

  17. First off, ocean exploration needs to be completely mapped and explored first before space exploration.
    Secondly, I saw a documentary about Amelia Earhart eloped. hahaha They didn’t find her. Was her trip sabotaged or did she go transdimentional?

    1. We can do both at the same time though. πŸ™‚

      No one really knows what happened since a disappearance like hers takes more than just proving theories or disproving conspiracies. There’s a need to travel back in time. Hahaha

  18. I’ve heard about the Amelia Earhart when I was in high school I think since it’s so mysterious of how she disappeared.

    The unknown to me is about the Bermuda Triangle. Is this really exists? or just people making the story scary. I heard a lot of mysterious stories about Bermuda Triangle and that keeps me think.. Is this exists?

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