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Alexander Graham Bell never invented the telephone but he invented making a business out of it. Truth hurts as much as your telephone bills.

I spend about a thousand and a half each month for my cellular postpaid bills. I won’t say it’s cheap but I definitely can afford that much because I work for it and I have the resources for it. I make the most of it, too, since I blog and create contents online.

Although I don’t want to admit it, it is not as frugal as it might sound but it is quite worth the consideration since I get what I need for my work and for my part-time job as a blogger.


When it comes to making the most out of money, it’s a non-trivial thing most Filipinos would want to achieve.

quality versus time

Let’s say Student A buys a quality pair of shoes worth Php 1500 and Student B buys a low quality pair by a famous brand for the same price.

By the end of the year, Student A would have the same pair of shoes, shiny and is still presentable, while Student B would have bought seven pairs since the shoes never lasts more than a month or two.

In the end, Student A was frugal and Student B wasted a lot of money.

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To understand it better, you get more of what you need (still without sacrificing quality).

Eating in a restaurant every time you want to have dinner would amount to thousands by the time you get your next pay.

Buying groceries worth Php 2000 that would last until the next pay day (you still get to eat delicious food and learn how to cook, too!)


Pop culture would see someone getting free stuff or shopping only when stores are on sale as ‘cheap’, but (if you’ve read the link above) you will know that it’s not cheap. It’s being frugal.

It’s one way to save money. In fact, you get more while spending less retaining the quality.

Being cheap are when you sacrifice your money’s worth buying less expensive but non-durable/low quality items.



Following its success in Manila, Cherry Prepaid ( a cellular service provider in partnership with Globe) is set to bring good news to the Frugal Sovereign People of Cebu. Offering deals that will definitely get your money’s worth.

Not only will you get Cherry Prepaid’s text, call, and surf offer, you get to have mobile phone units with their SIM Bundles!

Exclusively for Cebuanos, these offers include:

  1. Free 300 Minutes of call to any Cherry Prepaid Subscriber (for 3 months via registration)
  2. Free All-day Texts to any Cherry Prepaid Subscriber (3 months via registration)
  3. CP2 bar phone (Lite Bundle 2.0)
    • BONUS CALL 120: Free 60mins. TRI-NET calls per month for 12 months + Additional free 60mins. TRI-NET calls when you load P20 per month for 12 month
  4. Comet Smartphone (Big Time Bundle 2.0)
    • BONUS SURF 350: Free 100MB per month for 12 months + Additional free 250MB when you load up to P50 per month for 12 months
  5. J1s Smartphone (J1s Bundle)
    • BONUS SURF 600: Free 100MB per month for 12 months + Additional free 500MB when you load up to P100 per month for 12 months





“As Cherry Mobile finally reaches our dream of valuing everyone’s lifestyle through providing the best of mobile experience, we cannot help but dream some more. We will, in every way possible, continue to provide real and affordable innovation that will greatly benefit the majority, and not just the few,” Cherry Mobile CEO Maynard S. Ngu.

They have more offers that I can assure it fits the meaning of FRUGALITY. You get offers and freebies that’s worth the price.

It’s not cheap. It’s frugal. You get more of your money’s worth and not less of it.

For more information about their offers, visit:

For more information and updates on Cherry Prepaid and its services, visit:



IG: @cherryprepaid

What does frugality mean to you? Share your thoughts on the comment section below! 🙂

23 thoughts on “Frugality 101: Cherry Prepaid Offers You Don’t Want To Miss”

  1. One of my favorite subreddits on is /r/Frugal. I’ve learned the concept years ago and have pretty much embedded it within my primary thinking pretty much. Haha. But yeah, CherryPrepaid’s offers are looking reaaally good! Can’t wait to see more and more people start switching so that we will then have even more Ka-Cher’s to “Cher” with! Hahaha

  2. Frugality for me is not about being cheap. It is about diligently choosing the best value and sometimes choosing quality over price and or prestige. Some have the misconception that living a frugal life mean we always choose investment over just plainly spending and we would not buy expensive stuff. It doesn’t mean being frugal, you spend less coz spending is already part of our daily lives. Simply put, frugality means the ability to make wise decisions with regards to money spending.

    But hey, these Cherry offers were really great. This clearly fits the criteria of frugal buyers out there on a certain budget.
    Looking forward to your posts on how living a frugal lifestyle made Totem the multi-millionaire nerd digest master. 🙂

  3. Those are surely great deals from Cherry Mobile that’s very tempting. Being frugal for me is picking a best quality that would give you a run for your money. It may not be cheap but it’s worth your investment. 🙂

  4. I am rarely frugal. Haha. I actually buy low quality products especially when I don’t have enough money yet. Then I would just think that I’ll buy a quality one if I have the money. But then again, I often just forget about it, leaving me with the low quality version. I’m sometimes cheap like that. LOL. I’m def going to try Cherry Prepaid though. It’s a great value for money.

  5. Let’s be frugal! Let’s convince everyone to be a Kacher and we could just call each other instead of texting. I always remember the early days of Sun Cellular when they made people buy one more phone just to have a Sun number. What’s your cherry number?

  6. Frugality? I’m not certain if I’m frugal, but definitely I know I’m bugal-bugal. Anyway, frugal for me is hahaha actually wala ko kahibaw. I really don’t know, I buy my things according to what my pocket dictates, I sometimes buy expensive one with high quality products and sometime cheapest one with not so durable.

    Speaking of Cherry Prepaid, this would definitely a good catch in the market.

    Kudos nimu Totem, I really like how creative you are. Pa decorate nya ko sa ako content next time hu? Hahaha

  7. I’m not the most frugal person in the world; sometimes I make the wrong purchases but the partner and I agree on spending lots of cash for a really high quality item if it means being able to use it for the rest of your life if possible. Haha. I think I can be very stingy if the situation calls though…and as tempting as Cherry’s plans are, we don’t really need it right now but I do hope it helps people who are trying to keep their phone bills low. 🙂 Oh…we use Cherry for our loading business! Haha.

  8. This is so true. I used to get angry at my boyf for buying really expensive shoes. What I did not understand was he was going for the quality of the shoes itself. Now, he’d tease me every time i need to buy a new one every year, while he still uses that very expensive shoes when we got together 6 years ago. In the end, ako ra’y gasayang2 ug kwrta. Haha!

    Anyway, have u tried the Cherry sim na? nindot ra ang signal and churvaloos? 🙂

    1. Yup. Since they’re partnered with Globe, wherever there’s Globe signal there’s Cherry Prepaid. They have LTE sims for orders, too.

  9. Haha Cherry is taking it to the next (and cheaper) level! This is really a major help to those who are on a tight budget but still want to enjoy the benefits of having an internet connection and prepaid load. Haha!

  10. Frugal! Yay! Anyways, it seems that Cherry is really trying to break the ice with what they are trying to offer in the market. I hope people could really see the value of it. 🙂

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