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Not all actors are famous people. Not all famous people are actors. All famous people and non-famous people pay taxes all the same.

This week’s digest is a little late. BUT, it doesn’t mean i’ll stop learning.

So this week’s digest is all about the less-known stuff that I never knew and are quite interesting.

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There are minerals and vitamins that we don’t even consider taking because we don’t know their purposes in our bodies.

Take, for example, Selenium. A chemical element with an atomic number of 34. It’s naturally a gray crystalline non-metal. These are doped into other materials to make semiconductors.

Selenium is important since it helps create antioxidants that prevent cell damage.

There’s a list of unpopular minerals and vitamins but I guess they’re unpopular since most of them are needed by the body in small amounts.

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If electronics isn’t a thing for you, drop your phone. It’s made of electronic parts.

Kidding aside, many people know the three basic components of any electronic system: the resistor, the capacitor, and the inductor.

But there’s a fourth type which completes the relationships between the basic units of electricity: charge, current, voltage, and magnetic flux.

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The applications of this fourth element can range to four times the data density of any memory device. Imagine smaller hard drives: the size of an iPhone 4S with 40 Terabytes.

It can also get rid of RAMS and ROMS and incorporate both into a single space. Every time you do something, everything is stored. You don’t have to press that save button again and again.

WATCH: Memristor – AMAZING!

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The discovery of the structure of DNA is as great as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity for Biologists and Chemists alike.

However, it seems that like the invention of the telephone, it’s covered with secrets and conspiracies.

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Rosalind Franklin, a British Chemist, led a team in 1951 to begin studying the structure of the Human DNA.

WATCH: Rosalind Franklin – DNA’s unsung hero

But due to unfriendly environments to women at that time, she was treated differently.

James Watson, an American Biologist, and Francis Crick were also researching about the DNA’s structure at that time. A labmate of Franklin stole photo 51 and gave it to Watson and Crick.

Events like this were common in the scientific community. But with the help of honest and unbiased biographers, it was then found out that Franklin was the one who discovered the structure of the DNA.

What less known facts do you have in your sleeves? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Nerd’s Digest: The Less Popular”

  1. Human DNA has always amazed me. Ironically, I didn’t listen intently when we discussed it in school before. LOL. So it’s nice to learn a bit about it again now.

  2. A lot of us don’t know that selenium is present in some of the food we eat, especially in fruits and veggies. I didn’t know about Franklin until now but I do know that jealousy and greed are already present for a millennia, so what Franklin’s labmate did to her was maybe due to 2 mortal sins I mentioned. With regards to electronics, the heck I care. about resistor, the capacitor, and the inductor. As long as it’s working, that’s fine with me. Hahahaha!

  3. Then I arrived to another topic that open my long dying science world. Another mineral that I didn’t know existed, I don’t yet know that I’ve been long taking this mineral as this has been presented in the water and food that I take. The importance of antioxidant properties is really a big help to the human body as this will protect our cells from harm.

  4. So it’s a woman who started studying the structure of the Human DNA! That’s how girl power is supposed to be. 🙂 I always learn something new with Nerd’s digest. Keep it coming, Totem! 🙂

  5. My grandma used to send us Selenium capsules from England but we never took them because wa mi khibaw para asa siya haha. Anyway, have you read “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks?” It’s all about the HeLa cells.. 🙂 Basin interested ka i-include sa imo Nerd’s Digest puhon. 😉

  6. Here’s one!

    Saturn’s moon Titan has such a dense atmosphere (1.5 Atm) with such a low gravity (0.138G) that if you put wings on your hangs arms and flapped them you could easily fly.

  7. I feel like a kid reading a random page in an encyclopedia. haha I don’t really know what to say other than those facts are awesome. I don’t really know what I’m saying so I’ll just say random sexy words. BACON! haha

  8. Wow, another nosebleeding post JD. But honestly, I always look forward to your series coz you always offer something new every time. I didn’t know that it’s a woman who led the study about Human DNA Structure.

    In regards to less popular facts, here is mine. ( maybe this is commonly known to everybody now)
    It’s the relationship between hugging and trust.
    When we hug, the chemical that the brain release is the hormone oxytocin. It has been hypothesized that oxytocin, a hormone recognized for its role in social attachment and facilitations of social interactions, is also important in the formation of trust. (Baumagartner, 2008).

  9. Not sure how unknown this is, but did you know that the “She sells seashells by the seashore” tongue twister was written, forever commemorating Mary Anning whose discovery got people talking about extinction, geologic ages, and evolution, 36 years before Darwin wrote The Origin of Species? Haha. Great read, Totem!

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