This week, I found myself binge watching on heavenly or hellish realms.

Religions all around the world have adopted different beliefs about the underworld or the place we all go to after we have lived our lives in this harsh reality we believe to be the “current” life.

It’s so fitting that I write about what I’ve learned during the past week about the heavenly realms, the beings that resides on each ends, the stories, and myths. Let’s all get mystified.

Disclaimer: the information you will read here are restated as how they were presented. What I’ve learned this week is purely educational and this post is not to malign any belief or religion.


The word Satan was at first not synonymous evil or the devil.

Looking back at the roots of the religions Catholicism, Judaism, Orthodoxy, Islam, etc., the word Satan equates to a God’s loyal servant who had to do the dirty work. He does not have power that opposes God’s but rather he does what He orders. The angel wasn’t evil or demonic.

After thousands of years of foreign culture influences of where God and Satan came from, Satan’s name ranged from Lucifer, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, and more and has become the Prince of Darkness where his terrors and evil deeds are pronounced with fear and amazement at the same time.

It’s quite a big jump from his initial role where he only accuses or determines a person’s faith to God and tests it through trials. The once loyal angel in heaven jumped right into the fiery depths of Hell.


Various religions and philosophers have varied beliefs with regards to “what comes after this?”

Throughout the history of human kind, different views on death has developed from simply disappearing to the soul needing to complete a few requirements in purgatory before the consulate approves your passage to heaven or deny it.

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Ancient Egyptians believed that when you die, you face judgment by weighing your heart to a piece of feather on a weighing scale. If you’ve done good during your time on Earth, your heart would weigh like a feather and you’re good to go. If not, then you get eaten by a demon.

Socrates believed that death may come in two possibilities: a dreamless sleep or a passage to another life where all the dead people are going whether they’ve been evil or have been really nice.

He argued that death is nothing to fear because both possibilities do not present a specific kind of fear like how other religions would suggest. He also argued that there is no way we would ever know if there was an afterlife because no one have access to the spirit world (unless you’re the Avatar).

So whether or not your religion suggests you to be good here on Earth, the afterlife is a possibility and only after death can we know if it exists or not.


Angels have been part of the Abrahamic religions since their conception. Angels are God’s loyal servants and primarily serve as his messengers to the human kind. They were created by God first just like how Illuvatar made the Valars first to guide the first beings, the Elves, in JJR Tolkien’s world.

Popularly, angels act as guardians to each person on Earth, and guide us away from harm.

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During the early stages of Christianity, a monk tried to categorize or organize angels in Heaven as a reflection of what the church is on Earth: hierarchical.

These hierarchy had to do with the angel’s ‘role’ in Heaven. If the angel is said to praise God in all his glory and greatness and are closest to God, the angel is said to be a Seraphim. When an angel’s role is to send God’s message of good news or destruction an angel is called an Archangel.

Many theologians do not accept the concept of angelic orders in Heaven but it’s quite an interesting topic to discuss and perhaps turn into an anime series or manga.

What are the things you would wanna see in the afterlife?

13 thoughts on “Nerd’s Digest: The Spirit World”

  1. The afterlife both scares me and amazes me. I have read a novel entitled “The Catastrophic History of You and Me” and it’s a very, very fun, witty, and imaginative way of describing the afterlife and reincarnation. They even have a pizza place called Slice of Heaven. It made me think of what’s really the life out there, although I’m not and never in a hurry for goodness sake 0.0 nyaha!

  2. The serpent said to the woman, “You surely will not die! “For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Genises 3:4-5

    The serpent symbolizes the act of Satan attempting Eve to try the tree of knowledge of good and evil, it is the start of separation of God to human being. Adam and eve died spiritually the same day they ate the fruit, being literally separated from the presence of God in the garden by being banished from the garden

    The death of our body is the separation of flesh and the soul and I don’t think there was a statement in a bible that talks about purgatory. When we die, our soul separated from our flesh in which the flesh that made from dust will return to earth and the spirit will return to God who gave it, but the soul will be judged according to what he had done while he was on earth as it lives in the body.

    The Angels are true, according to the book of Psalm 91:11 “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”

  3. Huh. I’ve been thinking so much about life and death lately and realize that we are all just living to die (lol) and that we could just go any moment, which is what really scares me. I haven’t thought about what is out there after; the one thing that scares me is how it feels to die (will you even feel it?) and how heartbreaking it will be to say goodbye to the people that you love. It’s been keeping me awake for many nights so I have to really get my brain exhausted so I can sleep right away.

  4. Another reminder that everything is temporary and we are all going to face the main question: “what happened after?”. Im not afraid of dying..but the process of dying I guess is something that Im not looking forward too.

  5. Huh. These are things that I think about all the time. I used to have a different view of the afterlife before. Back then, I was a practicing Evangelical Christian, and all my beliefs are really rooted to the Bible alone. But I changed and my views have changed. I became open to everything. All of a sudden, I now have these thoughts of reincarnation and oblivion.

    Anyway, I’m not really sure right now what to believe with the afterlife. I mean, a part of me believes in oblivion, and I kind of believe that nothing comes after this life. That’s what makes this life more special.

  6. If there is life after death or an afterlife, I would really want to see the angels and St Peter. No, that was when I was a child. Now, I don’t worry much of the afterlife, wherever I’ll go after death it doesn’t really matter as of now. What’s important is we live our lives to the fullest and live each day as if it is our last.

  7. I still believe, for some reason, that we get to be reincarnated into someone else after we die. IDK why but that’s just me, and I don’t have anything to back why I believe that. And if what I’m feeling might be true, then I can’t wait for the after life. Who knows, I’d get to be someone famous, or rich or powerful in the next life. =)

  8. I want to think that afterlife is a good thing. That somehow, in there, we can reflect to the things we’ve done and do better if given the chance of another life(?), thus, reincarnation. Haha! But reincarnation is like being someone or something else other than your previous life, so ambot jud, we’ll never know until we get there, if we get there.

  9. The names of demons reminded me that used to be addicted to Diablo II and I love going to hell to Vanquish those Demons. There are so many interpretations now but in the end, I still believe they exist. 😉

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