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First, before reading on, I want to apologize for not having posted two of Nerd’s Digest. I should say that work caught up and I needed the weekends for time off.


Second, I want to take this moment to thank everyone who’s been giving me great feedback about this series. I know this is not ‘trend based’ but there have been people telling me that they like what they read.


The main purpose of this series is to share what I’ve learned every week which I have been interested in or something new. I thought this wouldn’t work and it would bore the hell out of my readers especially those who read and watch a lot on the internet, but it turns out that I also make people just as curious as I am every week. That being said, I will continue to tickle the mind of my readers. Keep the nerdgasm alive!

This week’s learning is about new ways to fight drug addiction and suppress the underground drug cartel.

Image result for war on drugs nixon Pres. Nixon, first to initiate War on Drugs in the US

In almost half a decade of war against drugs, none of the countries that support it have gained actual results. Cutting off drug pushers and drug lords from the scene do not have good results.

This is because of the basic laws that govern the cartel of drugs to its end users and those who produce it – when supply is cut off, demand rises. If the demand is cut off, the supply rises. It’s not effective to cut either of both off because, either way, there will always be people who will produce and people who will consume.


Price is not an issue, though. No matter how expensive the drug is, both will find ways. And so ultimately, prohibition is not regulation and thus does not end drug abuse, the drug black market, and even violence.

Switzerland and other countries, however, decided to try a different approach with the problem of drug addiction.

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The idea of drugs as a commodity is quite confounding but so is the idea of the even more dangerous cigarettes.

In Switzerland, harm reduction has done wonders. It reduced rates of drug-related crimes and drug addiction rates went down.


This is because the approach focuses on HELPING the victims better their lives thus decreasing one side of the market: the demand. Keeping the supply almost as available in help centers that offered the drugs.

The only difference is that their dependency to drugs diminishes as social workers help them find the connections they needed.

Which brings us to the reasons why people turn to drugs:

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Experiments and observations for decades were performed globally and most of the scientific community members agree that dependency is not just something physical but rather psychological and emotional.

As humans, we have needs more than the basic material or physical things such as a spouse, a child, a friend, a god or gods, and all that makes us feel complete.


Majority of drug addicts have been related to low bonds to the things that would make them happy or contented. Depression, anger, loneliness, and all other things that causes a person to turn its attention to drugs or even alcohol to have a taste of happiness even temporarily.

So in order to stop this billion dollar illegal business that outshines even the best performing industry in the legal market, we have to help diminish the harm brought to the end users.

What are your thoughts on this new approach to end drug addiction and end the violent war on drugs?

28 thoughts on “Nerd’s Digest: War on Drugs and Addiction”

  1. Haven’tr really dealt with the “how to diminish drug consumption” since it isn’t my job to know. But seeing your point of view about it had me like “Bitaw noh? why not do that instead?”. If people deal with the real problem, like the reason why people do drugs in the first place, then maybe the consumption of drugs would be lessen. Nice thought to really ponder Totem. =)

    1. ky my ara gd na ya factor nga ang environment mismo ang problem like take a user..rehabilitate, pgbalik ya sa balay ya or community ya he/she will still face the same scenario and problems which will most probably lead to relapse..and the cycle starts again.. char.

  2. That’s what my husband kept on telling me about – to analyze what causes people to turn to drugs and get to the root of that. This topic is very timely because of the ongoing war against drugs in the country. It’s so big now that I’m truly concerned if it will ever stop. I still have faith in humanity but every time I hear bad news like crimes and murder, it makes me question if there’s ever hope for this country. Amen!

  3. Yes, this is true. I applaud our president’s move on this war against drugs, but I think kulangan pa gyud ug dugang nga research. kay never ending gyud sya nga cycle bisa’g buhaton pa ni nato preha sa Switzerland unya ig balik nila sa ila communities, mao ra gihapon. I really have high hopes for this country. Hopefully, Philippines is going to be a drug-free country one day. I still believe it will happen.

  4. The war of drugs in the Philippines have had millions of drug addicts/users surrender and I think the government is doing a lot of efforts to help them. I couldn’t say that harm reduction method could be effective as of now, maybe because of the limiting factors our country has. Eventually, we will get there for sure if everything gets well on planned.

    1. That’s exactly what Harm Reduction is. Instead of looking at it as a crime, other countries are looking at it as a psychological and mental disorder and hence they focus on healing the victims that become the pushers in the long run.

  5. Good point on that angle.. but things to be considered.. what might work on those countries doesn’t necessarily mean it will work on our country..

    1.. the number of users/pushers/dealers related to drugs.. does Switzerland also have over 3million drug related persons? Does the chinese import tons of drugs to switzerland? The victims persee are they also poor people that can’t afford rehabilitation?

    2.. how can you determine that switzerland have succesfully solved the issue? What is the criteria of being successful?

    3.. what if the president today read this and considered your alternative solution.. how sure are you that it will really solved our issue on drugs and on how many years?

    1. It really does not necessarily and ultimately work for our country. I am suggesting that considering the fact that even the most powerful country in the world has only 1% efficiency rate every year.

      1. The number and size of the users do not instantly correlate to the effectiveness of the strategy, it may, however, contribute to the strategy’s implementation’s efficiency; however the drugs are sold or are distributed is taken out of the scope since the focus were on helping the users, lesser number of user means lesser reasons to ship drugs inside the community, if you’ve watched the videos the Mexican Cartel is the largest even compared to Chinese, the world’s biggest and most famous drug lords are found in Mexico who’re transporting illegal drugs to the US; the victims overall state of well-being and inclusion to the impoverished group are managed by the social workers (which means they help better not just the health implications but their lives in general – emotional, spiritual, psychological, etc… watch the videos I’ve linked in my post)

      2. Switzerland has not solved the issue entirely but has reduced the unnecessary blood shed and violence; increased life expectancy for the victims (other countries have adopted this approach as well and results are conclusive, too); If you have not seen the videos yet, please watch them. Criteria includes but are not limited to decreased crime rates related to illegal drugs and drug-related violence, longer life expectancy rate, higher employment rates and are increasing every year, and impoverished communities are less evident

      3. I don’t know. I only hope. This is not a solution of my creation, after all. But as results are sprouting worldwide of the effects of Harm Reduction, I can only hope for our country.

      I believe President Duterte is a smart man and is capable of putting his words into actions as seen in barely half a year in his term. If he were to consider this approach to the victims alongisde militant approach to the cartel, who knows what wonders it would bring.

      Then again, we also don’t know if adopting the war on drugs can totally resolve the issue in our country.

      The major difference of the two approaches is bloodshed and violence. Unnecessary bloodshed and violence.

      1. 2 statements that is contradictory..
        A. ” If the demand is cut off, the supply rises. ”
        B. “however the drugs are sold or are distributed is taken out of the scope since the focus were on helping the users, lesser number of user means lesser reasons to ship drugs inside the community, ” 🙂

        The ideal way is to cut both side in which seems to be impossible for now.. just like any disease we cant complete iradicate it.. but as long as it is manageable for me that is okay.. there is no perfect society.. there will always be crime.. killings.. theft.. drugs.. etc.. but as long as it manageable and in check..

        With the criteria you stated
        ” Criteria includes but are not limited to decreased crime rates related to illegal drugs and drug-related violence, longer life expectancy rate, higher employment rates and are increasing every year, and impoverished communities are less evident ” – based on PNP records crime rate has generally gone down.. except for those killings related to drugs in which we can’t really say if EJK because lefit operation are being infiltrated by other personalities to served their own agenda.. so with the rate going now I think we are getting there..

        For the life expectancies.. poverty and the rest you stated .. even without war on drugs that would still be a problem..

        And for the harm reduction.. in my opinion that is what the pinoys deserve.. as they say “if hindi madala sa santong dasalan.. i daan sa santong paspasan..” remember before this all started they were given fair warning.. there are some that surrendered.. and some still continue.. just like a father disciplining his kid.. if the kid is not hard headed then he wony be spank.. but sometimes you need to hurt someone just to make them realize.. pain is one of the good way to motivate some and make them realize..

        Coz without pain.. we wont realize how importante a person or a thing is.. without pain we wont be human.. 🙂

        1. When demand is cut off, the supply rises. When supply rises, prices go lower (in result to competition). When consumers do not buy despite low prices, bankruptcy is inevitable.

          They do not contradict, rather they are congruent.

          1. That is in the perspective of user doesn’t buy even with low prices.. but in reality if you make things more affordable it means more people people will have access to drugs.. the more user will need to treat.. and the cycle continues.. but with what the government is doing now.. cutting the supply means only those who are capable can still continue.. lesser supply.. higher demand.. cost will go up.. but demand wont necessary go up because people cant people will do everything to get the money to buy the drugs.. crime rate will go up.. but is that whats happening now? Nope.. its the opposite.. even with the supply being limited.. crime rate goes down.. which means.. those dependents didnt commit crime to sustain there addiction but some of them changed for the better.. and that is only phase 1.. next phase is rehabilatation.. in which already happening also to support those dependents.. in which I believe a good call made by PNP and du30.. we need to look at the bigger picture instead of focusing only on certain parts.. its not just war on drugs or killing those drug addicts or pusher.. it is making our future generations safer.. 🙂

        2. In cutting off both ends, that I agree. Although harm reduction has also shown results, it’s only a matter of time before these illegal drug merchants make their way into newer breeds of pyschologically maligned individuals.

          Although crime rates are going down, we can both agree that violence related to this predicament is blatant. I absolutely commend our PNP for their brave efforts. The problem still lies from within the illegal covenants. I am only assuming that these killings are their works in desperate moves to keep their lives intact even though it’s already ruined.

          1. Life expectancy increase, lowered poverty rates are addressed by Harm Reduction while also addressing the drug related problems, as well. Although, I have to say that this is also subject to our government’s capabilities and of course our support.

            Sometimes isn’t always. But who knows? Maybe this war will work or maybe it won’t. If Harm Reduction is implemented, it may still not solve our country’s problem with drugs or any other problems this forsaken country is facing because in the end it is the people who decides: to be the change or to be stubborn.

          2. Crime is a crime.. whether it is related to drugs or not.. it is just getting sensationalise due to circumstance.. if we look it rationally.. murder was committed.. may it be related to drugs or not.. the point there is someone died and someone should be caught.. may it be EJK or not.. once the problem on drugs is solve then maybe the focus can be shifted to those unsolved murders.. but key word is focus until it is getting out of hand and PNP cannot manage it then thats the time we shift the focus..

  6. Our President, did a great Job on fighting against drugs. Twas a smart action, indeed. As we can see the changes of the crime rate right now in the Philippines has been decreased. 🙂 I also appreciate the effort to some of the local governments especially the Brgy, Chairman’s . They implemented projects to the people who are drug dependents for them to make a change. :0

    1. Harm reduction can be implemented.. but to a certain degree.. how can you reduce harm if the person is already violent? How can’t you use force to subdue the criminal that is already a treat.. its just like saying lets implement harm reduction when arresting Bin Laden or other terrorist 🙂

      But the instruction was clear.. and in which should be understand by all and not just one side of the story..
      First.. all was given a chance to surrender.. (i think this can be considered as harm reduction.. if they just surrendered.. they will not be harmed) but we cant blame them because government was just new and who trust a new government right? Especially if they f*ck u since time in memorial.. 🙂

      2nd.. there was even an oplan tokhang.. another chance that they can cooperate..

      And lastly the offensive.. and even with the offensive it is not just go out and shoot them all.. instruction was very clear.. go out and arrest.. BUT if the fight then kill them before they kill you..

      But here comes the tricky part.. because some personalities go with the flow to make a legitimate operation as their own personal agenda..

  7. I hate drugs. But that’s the problem, people wanted a quick solution for everything instead of looking the problem and find the root cause, we tend to fix what we see on top not knowing that we’re just only seeing the tip of an iceberg. And yes, it should be treated as a psychological and mental disorder rather than a criminal offense. But by the current status of our country, this might not work. 🙁 sad reality.

  8. My ghad. I hate drugs. But seriously, one thing I learned in Medical School is to treat the underlying disease because the signs you see on the patient may be the complications. If we relate it to this war on drugs, the government should treat what causes this rampant drug addiction happening in our country. This can be poverty, family problems, mental health problems and etcetera.

  9. I’ve always kinda ask the question “if the more developed, richer countries couldn’t do it, what chance do we have?” when it comes to the more…heavy-handed approach of combating drug addiction. Being more pro-active towards acting more humane has shown significant signs of progress, but unfortunately, I don’t think our nation both financially, structurally and culturally, are able to handle it yet. Hope we get to that point soon though before things take a turn for the worst.

    1. Limiting factors can substantially decrease our ability as a nation to address these problems. We keep on creating problems term after term and we don’t even know where to start, don’t have enough resources because of all the debts.

      But in all fairness to this administration, it has taken bold leaps to address even the problems with agriculture that was slowly getting forgotten.

  10. I’m not sure if illegal drugs can be totally eradicated from our society (at least not in the near future) but I already see a lot of changes. It’s rampant here in our neighborhood but it seems that people have been staying away from it or their access are being limited right now; we can see that they are looking healthier lately.

    As for having the same setup as Switzerland, I don’t think we are capable of that financially. Plus, our own mentality/character as individual Filipinos will probably not make it as successful as them.

  11. I can’t just say to people to “stop using it” because addiction is addiction and it’s never easy to stop it as it sounds. And yah, this is not just something like a criminal case but a medical one too. I hope the war on drugs in the Philippines will eventually not turn into chaos.

  12. I didn’t know that Philippines is facing a big problem in drugs not until Duterte declared President of the Philippines. Yes, truly there should be a deep study and observations why do some people engage in drugs cause we can’t judge them just because they use drugs. My God I really hate drugs.

  13. Would many still use drugs if it were legal and cheap? Solutions could have different effect on different cultures I guess. I think the war on drugs is just step 1. We could treat users as victims which makes drug pushers and drug lords as oppressors. It is just so hard to get rid of the oppressors who are causing this crisis because a lot of them might be in the government.

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