This week I’ve found a new source to feed my curious mind: Science Daily.

Usually, I’d go to YouTube and watch videos from SciShow, or from Ted Ed or Ted, or from Kurzgesagt. It’s easier to listen and watch animation when I want to learn something but nothing beats reading.

So this week, I’ll share some nerdgasmic things I’ve read from this new source I’ve been reading on. Got really excited while reading these! But I’m still sharing a few from the past sources. 🙂


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They don’t have mouths to say “Hello” like Adele but they talk in ways that enables them to survive viral infections.

Like I’ve stated in my previous installment of Nerd’s Digest, our human bodies contain an ecosystem of bacterial colonies. These colonies thrive by helping us in digestion, mineral decomposition, and more – a symbiotic relationship.

Now imagine viruses that are not harmful to us but harmful to them (although I’m not sure there are viruses that do not harm humans). But in hypothesis, what if a virus eliminates these bacterial colonies that help us?

Unlike humans, single-celled organisms do not have complex immune systems. They have, instead, a way to protect itself from infections or diseases.

First, somewhat a similar way to how our cells create anti-bodies, is using CRISPR-Cas systems (you can Google this out and it’s pretty nerdgasmic, too!).

Second, a recently discovered way to protect the whole colony, is through quorum sensing. A research from University of Otago reveals that bacteria can sense through “talking” with one another using this form of chemical communication.

READ: Bacteria Communicate To Ramp Up Collective Immune Response

We all can agree that in order to survive, organisms will have to be in a community.

I guess no man really is an island.

Source: University of Otago. (2016, November 18). Bacteria communicate to ramp up collective immune response to viral threats. ScienceDaily. Retrieved November 20, 2016 from


American Chemical Society

Global Warming is not a political hoax and that I believe. I also believe that it is not a bad thing but it became bad because we humans have accelerated it faster than it should normally be.

When trees are not enough to balance out the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, this greenhouse we live in now will eventually kill more species that the last mass extinction.

READ: Storing Carbon Dioxide Underground By Turning It Into Rock

In efforts to substantially decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, American Chemical Society unveils their almost 2-year long experiment where they’ve trapped CO2 in basalt and turned into solid rock.

If this is to be implemented in every country in the world, CO2 levels will plummet and the Earth will regain its supposed to be average global temperature.

Sounds cool to me. *pun intended*


Swinburne Astronomy Productions

Fast Radio Bursts might be new to you. I know it’s something new to me. So I took time in researching.

Apparently, these bright pulses are generated outside our galaxy. They are intensely bright and outshines even the brightest star ever found. They only last for a millisecond. No one knows where they came from.

But despite their origins being a mystery, a recent FRB has everyone excited since it might explain the stuff that’s in between galaxies called the Cosmic Web.

“Because FRBs like the one we discovered occur billions of light-years away, they help us study the universe between us and them,” says Ravi, who is the R A and G B Millikan Postdoctoral Scholar in Astronomy. “Nearly half of all visible matter is thought to be thinly spread throughout intergalactic space. Although this matter is not normally visible to telescopes, it can be studied using FRBs.”

I know my words right there are like Star Wars jargon but it’s really exciting to know that there’s a way to know what the composition of the Cosmic Web is. It might also explain Dark Matter or Dark Energy (I am only assuming this out of my nerdgasm)

A little dizzy with all these? Tell me what your questions are on each topic and I’ll try to explain as best as I can. GO!

9 thoughts on “Nerd’s Digest: Amazingly Weird!”

  1. A bacteria community sounds creepy. Good thing they’re invisible to the naked eye. LOL.

    I’m pretty amazed with cosmic occurrences. Makes me want to time-travel. Or rather just travel to outer space.. But I have to make sure I can come back to earth in one piece (of human body).

  2. I looove the idea of turning CO2 into rocks and trapping them that way! For some weird reason, thinking about most of the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere being manifested into a more manageable form is so oddly satisfying! Hahaha

  3. I’m curious about this Fast Radio Bursts. I am googling about it right now, and I found an article where there is a theory that it is caused by evaporating black holes. Hahaha. Will continue reading this kay nalingaw ko.

  4. Climate change is real. Global warming is not a simple political drama. We humans need to be good to survive in this planet. The future generation will vanish sooner than we think if we continue to abuse this planet.

  5. That chemical communication is sounds weird if bacteria is really taking. I can’t imagine seeing and hearing them talking to each other. (Hahahaha) You made my utok tuyok tuyok again with your blog post. Well written and very interesting to read.

  6. Information Overload Alert! Brain cells deteriorated, sending binary signals to the fried brain. My god, my brain is full of bacteria right now. I’m actually nose-bleeding with bacteria. Well seriously, this is a well written article again. I would love to read articles like this that would challenge my cute little minds with little mongo inside.

    Cheers to more write ups like this.

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