Sharing my opinions and getting crazy with the people who’s as crazy as me?


What’s more is that I’ve thought of a lot of things right after. So, voila, another journal.

SATURDAY, November 19, 2016 – eStrat Media Office, UP Cebu, Cebu City

Lai, Me, Ramzy, Kath, Sir Carlo, Shanky, Jullian, and Mommy Rea bantering photo by Rea Alducente


Blogger Bantersย is a podcast by bloggers hosted by Ramzy of Ramzyrizzle, Carlo of KalamiCebu, and Jullian of UtterlyRandomTechie.

I was supposed to be one of the original hosts but I guess my work schedule was more important. Hahaha!

Anyway, it was fun and it was crazy.

I’ve never expected it to be that fun. Lai of The Little Lai: Beyond Limits had his quirky and funny moments, Carlo’s bullying, Kath of Nested Thoughts and her sound effects (Awe!), Jullian’s techie lexicons, Ramzy’s wits. Even though she’s a little silent, Shanky of laugh is as contagious as ever. Mommy Rea of Blissful Snapshots, however, got busy with documenting the moment – truly a photographer by heart.

And together with my nerdiness, it was one hell of an episode. HAHAHA!

You can check our bantering here: EPISODE 7: #MarcosIsALesbian

As bloggers, we tend to be outspoken.

Sharing a microphone with people who’re also into blogging gave me rather better insights as to how easy it is for us toย share information online and the responsibilities we carry with it.

With Blogger Banters, we talk about the latest news, how our week was, and what we think about stuff.

So by that, we could really influence people listening to the podcast, and people reading our blog posts.

We carry with us big responsibilities because when people read or listen to us, they either agree or disagree, act to or against it. In other words, we somehow influence them with the words we share online.

Influencers:ย as what we like to call ourselves.

I blog to promote a lifestyle of learning.

ย  Some of the things I write

I believe that when people thirst for knowledge and learn more as they grow old, the world can become a better place because people will have a better understanding of the things that are happening or are around them. That’s my goal: to have people experience nerdgasm; influence them to live a life open to learning new stuff and be always curious.

Although this blog originally aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle outside of work, I’ve subtly shifted to this kind of niche. In this way, I could happily blog about what I learn every day, every week, every month, every year, for as long as I can and by that I influence even if I only have one reader.

We can have nerdgasm together.

Oops. ๐Ÿ˜€

So, all these just by appearing in one episode of Bloggers Banters. What bantering can make me think. HAHAHA!

If you’ve been thinking about whether to begin blogging or step your blogging game up. Then you’re invited to this event.

Thanks for reading this far. ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “My First Podcast Experience With Fellow Bloggers[Journal]”

  1. Ooppps balandra my face. Hahaha. My first Blogger Banters guesting was a good one. I was glad that was the time when I just came back from my backpacking trip so I had interesting things to share and talk about. Hahaha. It’s fun to hear bloggers bantering. LOL

  2. I listened to this podcast last week. Man, it’s hilarious! Hait kaayug tingog si Lai.

    I love this line, “I blog to promote a lifestyle of learning.” You and your blog definitely influenced me to be keep on learning at this age. Reading your blog posts reminds me of my childhood – young and curious.

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