How much do you know about HIV/AIDS?

  1. Do you know that it’s not ONLY acquired by having intercourse?
  2. Do you know what type of virus the HIV is?
  3. Do you know what type of cell the HIV first comes in contact to?
  4. Do you know why many die of this horrific disease every year?
  5. Do you know why there is still no cure to the fast mutating glycoproteins that make up the virus?

If you got 3 out of 5, good for you. I you got less than that or none, well this is for you.

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a retrovirus (like the Dengue virus) that uses transcription of RNA (RNA Transcriptase) to the Helper T-Cell’s DNA. The Helper T-Cell (CD4+ T Cell) Β is a type of white blood cell that’s important (probably the most important) and the HIV will replicate itself inside and after which destroys the host cells.

The virus is transmitted not only through bodily fluids secreted when having intercourse but through infected needles, blood, and breast milk.

The rate of destruction of these cells are faster than the rate which our body produces which means lower immunity. A person infected by HIV do not show symptoms of AIDS not until the end of the virus’ latency period (sometimes lasting up to a decade). After that period, when the amount of T-cells go down, the body now has Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

People die not because of AIDS but die because of an illness that they’ve acquire due to AIDS. There have been 35 million deaths due to AIDS complications and diseases acquired due to suppressed immunity system.

There are stages by which a person passes through when infected by HIV. It is important to know what stage the person is currently at so preventive measures are applied and stop the virus from complicating things even more.

Complications and symptoms are treatable but it can’t be cured.

Curing HIV is a punch to the moon but you’re on one of Jupiter’s moons.

HIV can mutate fast and whenever we find a plausible counter to the virus, it’s rendered ineffective by the time it’s mutated.

It’s hard but everyone who’re experts in these kind of stuff are working their hardest to keep up and finally find the cure to this awful disease.

Much like finding cure for cancer, these require a global effort and so much time and money. What we are up against is nature, honey. Not everyone believes in capitalism.


Make sure to check out the videos to know more about HIV/AIDS and help spread the awareness and stop the spread of the disease and the stigma on HIV/AIDS positive patients.

HIV/AIDS positive patients do not need more hurtful words and discrimination. What they need is not just medical assistance but also the understanding, love, and care that they deserve.

Help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS by sharing what you know about it. Help save lives.


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