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As social beings, we interact with our own or even to other species through communication.

Though we may communicate through different means we mainly communicate our thoughts through our mouths.

Through communicating, we shape the world.

We live in a world where we can talk about anything: sex, God, angels, that annoying neighbor backdoor, crushes, different interests, etc.

Whatever it is that’s being talked about is helping us build relationships with others; helps mold the world we live in.

Words are powerful.

Jose Rizal conversed with the Filipino people through his works that awakened the desire for independence and freedom.

Adolf Hitler’s rhetoric and unarguably persuasive words have led to the rise of mountains of dead Jews.

Our mothers words become our values.

Our own words become who we are.


The weight of our words may serve its purpose or not but ultimately it will present results.

We often times dismiss the dynamo our words can generate and become nonchalantly tactless.

We disclose information that may cause harm and destruction.

We become dependent to our biases that logic is overruled and whatever is in favor to our biases is blindly regarded as correct and start unnecessary conflicts.

Our ability to determine the results after blurting out words are so cloudy most of the time, that even when demise is at hand, we still speak of words that add insult to injury.

But not everything is condescending, spiteful, or dismissive.

Our words can lighten a mother’s grieving heart after a tragic loss.

Our words can motivate those that need it.

Our words can energize those that has lost the will to move forward.

Our words become the pillars of someone’s crumbling life.

Our words are Cupid’s arrows that our lovers can fall in love with.

Throughout our history, our words which represent our thoughts has defined what we are as beings and as a species, has created the world we live, has started wars, has stopped wars, has made us countless friends and enemies, has become our meaning.

Words are powerful and with great power comes great responsibilities.

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