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RANDOM TOTS (Random Thoughts) is a series of essays that tackles on topics that range from the tiniest known particle to the vastness of the human mind and pour my thoughts to it.

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Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.
Dalai Lama

Many fail gravely on realizing their purpose, whether it’s to their job or in life. A philosophical dilemma for some, and a problem for the few souls who’ve been at loss.

But it also means that there are people who have deducted their purpose. Some take a lifetime, others take a few minutes shortly after that “Eureka” moment.

In context, realizing a purpose can be easy or difficult depending on what for, where it comes from and how much time it takes.

In teleology, there’s something called the intrinsic value of a purpose. When a purpose’s value is presented or coherent by/to the object, idea, or being or in other words is coming from itself, it is said to be intrinsic.

In simpler terms, when a fork is being used as a fork, it is serving its apparent purpose for which it was created.

Although many scholars argue about the intrinsicality of purposes, it’s found to be a rather difficult philosophical idea to resolve.

In other words, the purpose of anything there is, there was, or there will be is a matter of endless argument.

So when people have ‘found’ their purpose in life, it does not mean that their purpose is automatically innate to his being. It may be a product of his mind wherein he takes into consideration his past, present, and future; his losses and gains; his abilities and limitations, and even more so his own sanity. In other words, he might be making it up.

Also, it is unclear whether ultimately a purpose is to serve its creator or itself!

At this point, this all concludes that the argument to whether a person can successfully determine its purpose is inconclusive. It cannot be deducted.

On a lighter note, when a purpose is said to be made up or determine by its creator, it’s safe to say that it can be within his control.

If we choose to be a tool for mass murder and make it our purpose, it would definitely mean that we have achieved our purpose if we did so.

Should we choose to be a kind shepherd to the word of God but only to Caucasians, then it’s a purpose lived life.

This all goes down then to ethics and morality. Expounding this one out would create an entirely separate topic, in which case would be unnecessary, although it is essential.

Focusing on purpose being ‘given’ to by ourselves, its value is dependent on our goals.

Achieving the goal is ultimately the value of our purpose.

Take for example this blog. Its goal is to promote a lifestyle of learning and critical thinking. The purpose is then to be a tool for influencing people in living a lifestyle where learning and critical thinking is its core.

But upon its creation, it had a different purpose attributed to its goal. It changed ever since I, the creator, decided it would be better off influencing people with authenticity and integrity. No pretense of a lavish lifestyle or anything like that.

I, as the author, is passionate about learning not just on things about science but everything there is that life has to offer. I want people to know that being smart is DEFINITELY okay; that being ignorant isn’t always blissful; that illiteracy is becoming of this society.

So, I will ask you this: what purpose are you imposing on for yourself?

If you are unsure, don’t worry. Like I said, It’s not easy and it takes time.

Determine your goals and with those at hand determine what you can achieve in a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, in a year and in a lifetime. Decide whether that goal will create a bearing to your life and to the people around you; if it emanates you to the society in a manner of great influence. And from there, determine if it is your purpose in life.

You alone can define your purpose to yourself and to the world, not your friends, family, religion, job, or even the government. It’s you.

Your defining moment is all up to you. Let the world know that moment where you said, “EUREKA!”


Stay smart,

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2 thoughts on “Random Tots: On Purpose”

  1. Hey man, deep post you got here discussing the “intrinsicality of our purpose”. When I do counseling, I anchor myself with Sartre’s principle that says “existence precedes essence”, basically our capacity to choice outweighing our nature and drive. I like to think our choices matter, and agree with you that we get to create the reasons for our existence (not society). Perhaps a Maker has created us for a specific purpose like forks, haha, but I want to think we can choose to be unique forks. Keep up the posts!

    1. The notion of purpose given by a higher being is metaphysical but if it’s metaphysics we’re talking about, then yes, perhaps the “free will” that the Christian God has given to the humans might just be that we create our own prints in the society and not the other way around. 🙂

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