Summer Of 2000

I used to read all the volumes of my Grolier Encyclopaedia Set. The encyclopedia was famous back then. If you had one, you were one of the cool kids, even though it may be really nerdy. It was through those that I learned so many things despite my young age and young mind.

I remember quite vividly an illustration of how seasons transition from one another. The tilt of Earth’s axis, the sun shining on land masses or major oceans, the position of the Earth in its orbit around the sun – these were factors that made it possible for the northern and southern hemispheres and the equatorial region got its seasons.


Summer in the northern hemisphere and the tropics were mostly because the Northern Hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun and had longer exposure to its energy most of the time as it rotates and so the average atmosphere conditions like temperature become precisely the same in about three months.

A fairly simple mechanism that even the 8-year old me understood.


Summer of 2008

Global economic instability was of major concern as I entered the later years of high school but I was fixated to other concerns mostly because of a movie I saw.

I was both surfing the internet and re-reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone when I stumbled upon a documentary called “An Inconvenient Truth.”

It was a sharp curve for me.

The simple mechanism of the seasons that I knew wasn’t so simple after all.


Carbon Dioxide – a compound I knew so well from all the books and all the journals I’ve ever read – had a very big role to play not just with our seasons, but with Earth’s future.


Summer of 2014

Cebu is progressive as ever. I couldn’t believe that Keppel is not the tallest tower anymore. The Ayala Mall lost its wonderful lakes filled with hungry Tilapias or so I thought they were. We used to feed them with crumbs of Piatos or of bread.

I’ve never felt summer like a Cebuano adult. It was almost unbearable. Back in Bacolod, the breeze blew cold breaths. In Cebu, the breeze was under the Sun’s bidding. It’s almost impossible to review for my board exams with the kind of hot mess the city was under.


Sometimes, I try to remember my summers in Cebu when I was still a small uncaring child, the breeze was not as hot and the Sun was not as cruel. It seems like remembering those times won’t help me cool down.

Something must have gone wrong. Really wrong.

Summer of 2017

The only place that I could find comfort was the office in spite of it being dreadfully stressful. The air-conditioning helped me cool down but somewhere in the back of my mind, it was not helpful to the Earth, at all.

The cars outside glowed under the heat and the wind never said hi. The trees were slowly turning dark and brittle. Even the water couldn’t provide refreshment.

I guess there’s no turning back now:

CO2 Atmospheric Concentration

Average Global Temperature

Amount of Arctic Ice Left

Sea Level

In spite of it being clearly evident, there are still people who deny or reject the idea of Global Warming and Climate Change.

I remember reading and watching about Copernicus and how he was labeled heretic after theorizing that the Earth is not at the center of everything. He was right, everyone was wrong.

Here we are again, repeating history. Would we wait another 50 or 100 years to realize that Global Warming and Climate change are real? By then, our cities would be underwater, a number of animals may have gone extinct, there would be stronger storms, hotter deserts, even human civilization would be in dire situations.

But, no, we don’t think it’s possible because we are blind to the truth just like how people were blind to Copernicus and other great minds after him and before him.

End of the world, anyone?

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