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Totem’s Note

I’ve recently subscribed to more science websites and I’m glad to say it’s very overwhelming. Literally, overwhelming.

My inbox has been flooding for the past couple weeks of articles that I subscribed to. A very timely occurrence for my slowly-but-surely returning motivation in blogging.

A lot of it is thanks to a blog-master who skipped the flip and just told me to just do it.

Thanks for still reading my blog. It’s one of the reasons why I still write. It feels good to know someone likes to read the same stuff as I do.

Third Gravitational Field Spotted

If you’re a Physics geek, you’ve probably been keeping an eye on this. Though, you can’t really ‘see’ it.

“The LIGO gravitational-wave detector spotted the space-time ripples on Jan. 4, members of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration announced today (June 1). ”

Image result for gravitational wave simulation
Photo from NASA

I am still quite skeptical about the whole gravitational-wave detection thing for the reason that I have yet to really comprehend the technology behind it. (Which I think can be a good article to talk about under Technology)

I researched about the device and it’s quite impressive. LIGO uses 2 mirrors facing together and a beam of laser is detecting any slight change of the mirror (I’m guessing the alignment of these two since the laser would return to a different angle)

The mirror would deflect the laser every time the Earth would “wobble”. The wobble is actually more that of when you squeeze a ball and then release it. The mirrors and the laser would detect this movement by returning a ever so slight change in measurement.

However, the outputs from simulation and from the actual measurements are close enough to let the world know that it’s real. So I guess you could say I’m midway between a skeptic and a faithful.

If you’re new to General Relativity, gravitational waves are caused by the distortion of space-time due to mass and these are created by supermassive objects colliding with each other (like blackholes merging into one).

What then?

The scientific community does not terminate knowledge for a single purpose – especially those that destroy the Earth. Although there are discoveries that have proven to be destructive to mankind and to Earth; they were unintentional.

Image result for nuclear bomb
Photo from Wallpaper Cave

For now, the use of studying and detecting Gravitational Waves is nothing more than proving Einstein’s theories and answering evasive theories in Physics that prove to be difficult to even explain such as the connection between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

Maybe, someday, we can use Gravitational Waves to surf our way to distant galaxies. It’s a long stretch if you imagine it, but remember that the Earth used to be at the center of the Solar System.



Before reading on, read what the Paris Climate Deal is all about.

US President Donald Trump has just been labeled as “Climate Criminal” for withdrawing from the Paris Climate Deal.

Image result for trump meme

I really don’t care, however, what effects this has for Trump, the US, or the political drama but we’ll take a look closer why without the US, the Paris Climate Deal is still fully charged.

The search for a better source of energy – renewable and clean – is now a top concern for countries everywhere.

The argument whether or not Global Warming is real is over – it has been happening since after the industrial revolution. It’s been accepted by developed and developing countries alike.

Image result for global warming
Photo from Being Libertarian

Trump withdrawing US from the Paris Climate Deal, I believe, will not make any difference.

Although he’s a president who thinks backward, the United States of America and its diverse freedom-loving people will push forward for the completion of the Deal’s goals.

Additionally, international businesses are now gearing towards a newer source of income and it’s very highly likely that they will invest in renewable energy plants and products.


In turn, these will provide more jobs around the globe.

So, in conclusion, the world should not worry about the Climate Criminal’s decision.

I have this to say because here in the Philippines, we’ve seen local industries buying wide pieces of lands to absorb solar energy through solar panels. The windy parts of the archipelago have started building towering wind farms.

For now, these are not as efficient as what we now have but advancements in the field of Renewable Energy is like the advancements in Electronics – exponential.

By the time Trump has ended his term, the world has moved on to a better planet that uses energy without the harmful side effects.


Well, sort of.

The First Law of Newton states that (to put it simply) when an apple falls down, it will fall in a straight line unless a force in a different direction acts on it. If the force is opposite and equal, the apple stops falling.

But in an experiment on Cesium atoms ‘falling’ through a tube under near-absolute zero temperature, this law disappears.

Photo from (Florian Meinreit)

The atoms in a very small tube oscillated back and forth/up and down instead of just going one way.

What’s the big deal?


If you haven’t read the link above, well, let me sum it up for you.

In Quantum Physics, the science of explaining the small things that make you up, it can get a little bit dizzy: up is down, down is left, now is yesterday, yesterday was tomorrow, etc.

So, the simple laws of Newton don’t necessarily apply. Let’s take Gravity as an example.

When you zoom out, to you or to the largest known star, Gravity takes hold as the king that controls the heavens.

But the stuff that makes up even the largest of the heavenly bodies are the small atoms, quarks, and a whole lot of small stuff – they don’t follow Gravity.

So, how is the small related to the big?

A lot of effort and budget are being used right now to answer that question.

This is also one of the questions that even on Einstein’s deathbed, he couldn’t answer it.

If everything goes right, soon, we’ll be able to unify all the four natural forces in the universe in a single equation that will explain the entire workings of the universe.

*fingers crossed*


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