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Totem’s Prologue

I remember the first time I’ve consciously experienced traveling and it was not something I want to experience again.

I have had this migraine for as long as I’ve been breathing and that means even while traveling I can’t tell when this cyclic occurrence is going to happen.

I do not like traveling by land because it triggers my migraine. A fact I share with even the strangest of people.

But I do like traveling, just don’t expect me to ride that bus and go through winding roads.


Man Standing on Brown Rocking Mountain Under Blue Sky and Yellow Sunlight

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the last quest requires all the other quests beforehand to be completed.

This is, of course, an ideal model which does not look at the socio-economic predicaments an individual has and other variables.

Food and shelter are required to satisfy the Physiological need which is at the very base of the pyramid. If one is satisfied, he goes to the next stage which is to satisfy the need of security; thereafter, if satisfied, moves to the next level, so on and so forth.

This is true when we look at the pre-Digital revolution and the recession that happened in the years 2008-2010.

The pyramid has shifted itself where Physiological needs come in somewhere last and actualization comes earlier.

The shift was gradual but concurrently it’s manifested itself through the mainstream philosophical engagements of the people who call themselves ‘millenials’.


 the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities especially considered as a  drive or need present in everyone.
car, landscape, mountain

And by its definition, it may or may not require any material stuff. It is an abstract concept of self-fulfillment.

Or to put it in context, the desires of the ego and the soul is satisfied through rewards which may not necessarily be tangible.
In psychology, a person’s desire is a combination of inputs from his environment that the mind translates into ‘need’ or ‘want’ or ‘essential’.

In combination with the boom of social media and human nature, traveling has become a mainstream form to achieve self-actualization.

Traveling entices the soul and the mind depending on the person’s configuration of ‘actualization’.

Many attest that it feeds in happiness and satisfaction just by the transition of the body through space while some find ‘verification’ of themselves when they share their travel experience to the world.

Whatever an individual’s concept of actualization is, it is always directed back to the inputs he had in the past. “Traveling is good for you and your mind”


Free stock photo of camera, notebook, notes, travel

Writers are humans and as a human being, he is bound to satisfy his needs. A simple logic that resonates to even the simplest minds.

Journaling has its own benefits. It is even used to eradicate crippling depression. It is an activity where an output is conceived through words.

Combine it with traveling and it is not just therapeutic; it’s become a platform to discover one’s potential to fulfill what one desires.

Whether it’s climbing a mountain or seafaring, as soon as the experience becomes words, a person realizes he has done something he thought he couldn’t or was afraid to even try.

Travel blogging is healthy for the body as much as it is healthy for the soul and the mind.

When traveling, he enjoys a good cardio and a good amount of sweet adrenaline. His cortisol level is at regulation.

When he writes, he remembers the laughs and the jokes and the body releases dopamine. He keeps his neurons working while he checks for grammar and proper punctuations.

A good combination that is perfect for Maslow’s last step in his ladder.

Totem’s Epilogue

When someone posts or uploads a picture or vlog of him traveling, he is happy and he is trying to live life the way he wants to.

He is not sharing to let everyone know he is happy and that he requires attention but he shares to let people know THEY TOO CAN DO THINGS THAT WILL MAKE THEM HAPPY. Be it traveling or a completely different thing.

Whether or not it’s for self-actualization, travel blogging has become mainstream and it is not a bad thing.

It is more beneficial than what others may think otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Random Tots: On Why I Hate Mainstream Travel Blogging”

  1. I have truly enjoyed reading this. Yes, whatever we do, and as long as we are happy about it, then that’s something we can share with people, not because this is our license to boast, but to let people know that being happy is possible.

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