Just a few days ago, I wrote Nerd’s Digest Deluxe: Science News That Shookt The Nerd Out Of Me and I voiced out why Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the USA from the Paris Climate Deal doesn’t make any difference as much as it doesn’t make sense.

And I was reading more about the business side of things to enlighten me and I had my inconclusions concluded.

I read this article on Think Progress as to why major global investors are charging out of the coal industry and are pacing slowly towards renewable sources of energy.

Jim Barry, BlackRock Infrastructure Global Head
Photo from hotcopper.com.au

““Coal is dead,” Jim Barry, the global head of BlackRock’s infrastructure investment group, explained in a recent interview.”

A statement from the largest investment group’s highest ranking officer is not something you should take lightly.

I think that as an investment company, they basically need to reinsure their business and that means ‘thinking ahead’ and that is exactly what they are doing – slowly but surely.

A transition to the much cheaper and becoming readily available renewable energy sources that would amass great income for the reason that largely populated (and polluted) countries are shifting to cleaner energy.

While the coal industry had hoped exports would pick up the slack, that dream has been thwarted by China’s accelerated shift away from coal-driven economic growth to clean energy, coupled with India’s new push to follow suit.

Image result for china pollutionWorsening air pollution in China
Image from boredpanda.com

Also, it’s commendable how China and India are leading the change because I really think there’s more power in numbers.

Soon enough, these countries will provide energy services and products that are generated through renewable and cleaner sources which mean MORE BUSINESSES RUNNING ON CLEAN ENERGY -> MORE JOBS -> MORE INCOME.

This is the reason what investors are aiming for: investing to two of the largest in population which generate big revenues.

In short, the smart money is headed away from fossil fuels and toward clean energy.

I want to think that these companies are doing this as a way to reduce the damage brought by global warming (which I certainly hope so) but be it for money or for the greater cause, it definitely is a good news: both for the environment and the global economy.

This vision that I believe most investors are eyeing for – that they should make the most out of the now and of the future – is a sly but very effective strategy.

However, this is not an overnight group project. The world will experience this transition in the next ten years or more.

In the end, the result is still pretty much the same: a cleaner world.

Let us all wear black by the time coal and fossil fuel has finally met their ends.

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