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 Totem’s Note

I’ve been off the social media grid lately (actually, just off of Facebook because that place is just full of horrible people and bad stuff)

So, I’ve only been active on Twitter and Instagram.

In this post, I will try to learn new things by answering questions from my friends on Twitter – PART 1!!! 😀

WARNING: this post is lengthy. Buckle up!

@beanintransit : APPARITIONS, Amen.

This is a tough one.

To be honest, I personally find things like miracles and apparitions as mysterious as Dark Matter.

We know it’s out there but we are just so limited to our five senses that we cannot empirically prove that it’s there.

When The-Ever-So-Bubbly Johanna of asked me about apparitions, a particular scene from the film La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life) ran across my mind.

In La Dolce Vita, there was a scene where the protagonist ventured to the outskirts of Rome to cover a story about children having seen an apparition of Madonna (Mary as Our Lady) wherein even the Catholic Church was skeptical and yet devotees gathered and prayed by the thousands.

People gathered to where the apparition happened

As science (particularly optics and psychology) would have it, these apparitions are caused by a combination of factors: health, light, atmospheric conditions, a person’s upbringing, hormones, etc.

How does this relate to La Dolce Vita?

If you’ve seen the movie, it is a post-war story which means people would have seen and experienced horrible things and people who turn to God or their religion would be one way of dealing with the horrors. This is called Religious Coping as explained by Prof. Pargament (Bowling Green State University, Ohio) in his book The Psychology of Religion and Coping.

So you mix everything I just said and realize that these ‘selective’ apparitions can be caused by one more possibilities, one of which can just be the person’s eye playing tricks on his mind.

artist, black-and-white, magic

So when you see your crush with rays of light emanating from his/her body, it’s an apparition brought about the light that’s coming from you bedroom’s window and your extreme mental capacity to visualize stuff.

Side note: I hope it’s the holy apparitions she’s asking, because ghosts are a different thing though it is triggered in a similar way.

@monnalorraine: LUST *wink*

There will always be that one person. HAHA!

Lust is a word to describe a human’s extreme emotion of sexual desire towards another person.

To answer this in a very blunt way, lust is a human’s version of what animals feel when it’s their ‘mating season’.

A mixture of hormones from the brain is triggered once a person determines another person to be a perfect candidate to carry his/her genes to the next generation.

Lust is pleasurable mating

This also happens when a person falls in love. The only difference is that love is linked with attaching value to the pleasure while lust is just linked with pure pleasure – no strings attached, one might say!

@katherineannikka: HAPPINESS…

A confusing question but a good one.

Happiness can be from anyone… or anything. 🙂

What creates the feeling of happiness: reception of physical stimuli that activates secretion of hormones like Oxycontin, Endorphin, Dopamine, Serotonin, and reduction of the stress hormone Cortisol – all of these activates parts of the body and brain that relate to being ‘happy’.

What creates happiness: the things, people, or moments that make a person happy.

@uttrlyrndmtchie: MODULAR PLANES!


Here’s why:

It is similar to trains or to how one can stack Legos except covered with cement and protective plastic.

It is difficult to design since we have to consider the stress of taking off, cruising, landing, and things like atmospheric conditions, detachment, tensile stress, strain, fuel efficiency, etc.

Modular plane 1 - Carrier Type

Imagine how messy an engineer’s life when he is to create this thing! 😀

Modular planes may come in different designs and approaches such as modularized cabins (imagine a pea pod) or modularized flight pods (carrier is like a crane carrying two or three buses).

It is possible but fairly difficult to achieve. It takes genius engineering and advanced technology.

There’s PART 2!

I have two tweets left to answer but these were so broad I had to explain it separately. HAHAHA!

Coming soon!

(I still have to reasearch – they are both hard to explain in simple terms)

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