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 Totem’s Note

PART 1 was a success! Thanks to those who asked me on Twitter.

This part, though, needed more research and transcriptions. If I had it my way, I would just write with terms I’m more comfortable with and this would all sound gibberish.

I had to write and rewrite a couple of times (especially for Ian’s question/query) because it may be too hard to comprehend.

Alas, when you read a lot of analogies, this is because I want readers to understand it in simple terms.

WARNING: There’s so much information here, you might wanna consider taking a leak first. 😀

@PinoyMetroGeek: How Teleportation Works

Quantum Entanglement.

How to put it in simple terms…

Supposed you have a twin and you both always know what the other is doing just by observing what you are currently doing. In a way, you are psychos…I mean psychics. HAHAHA!

Let’s say you flew to America while the other stayed here in the Philippines. When you got to the airport, a security personnel asked you to point a finger up the sky. As weird as this example may sound, you did it anyway.

And then he asks, “What’s your twin doing right now?” You answered, “He’s pointing a finger to the ground.”

Now your twin back in the Philippines is exactly doing what you just told the officer – he’s pointing downward.

adult, change, clown
One smiles, one frowns.

In the quantum world, the world of atoms, pairs can be entangled and when separated their individual states are completely opposite to the other the moment an observation is made.

So if a Hydrogen atom in Papua New Guinea is in a certain state, its entangled pair would be in the opposite state in London. Change the state of the Papua New Guinea atom, the London state would change to its opposite.

Actual applications of this are actually widespread in labs around the world. Some of the experiments involved thousands of kilometers of quantum teleportation.


adult, art, bright
If you had the power to teleport faster than the speed of light, would you teleport to that person’s house and confess your love? ^_^


If you are trying to ask whether teleporting physical atoms from one place to another as in ‘reconstructing’, it may be impossible with our current understanding of Physics and the universe

What we can do now is teleport the ‘state’ of information between entangled pairs.

Applications range from impossibly-hard-to-decrypt, light-speed (LITERALLY and not the crap telecom companies offer) information from one server to another, to ultra-accurate GPS and real-time virtual gaming as if you guys are actually doing it in the same place.

So, it’s a ‘yey’ and ‘nay’.

@foureyedlaagan: Organic Vs Commercialized Farming

I feel like I have to choose from the two. Hahaha!

I told you their questions/queries were hard!

Let’s first decipher the question… and by decipher I mean to jump into conclusions of which I have no evidence whatsoever. HAHAHA.

Four-eyed Laagan is a travel blogger and loves the greens. Get him greens and he’ll jump right in on it.

So, I bet he’s trying to ask whether which is better. IT DEPENDS.

Image result for organic and conventional farming

Commercialized Farming or as I would understand: Large-Scale Production of produce which means using conventional use of farming techniques and application of automated pieces of machinery to perform the techniques.

Organic Farming or as I would say: Lovingly growing crops that use all ‘natural’ stuff that’s chemical free and crops take a longer time to grow.

If we look at the products as they are, it is best to grow it ‘organically’. It is, by common sense, better to eat something that’s naturally grown: all the healthy bacteria, nutrients, dietary fiber, etc. are free from artificial stuff. In a way, it’s clean. It’s healthier.

Products from commercialized farming are grown by spraying chemical-based pesticides, fertilizers, and growth enhancers. They grow fast and are overall safe to eat. This is best when we are trying to supply an ever growing demand for food to an ever growing society.

Needless to say, the products are safe and obviously edible from both sources.

Tomatoes, Carrots And Radish On The Top Of The Table
Both sources produce harmless products…

And because CJ asked me to choose a side, I choose to be at ground zero. *SORRY, CJ* ~_~

But I will say that vigilance should come in when we are trying to buy these from vendors and not on the farming.

Be wary of con vendors: whether the products came from commercial farms or organic farms if these con vendors say their products are organic despite it being illegally grown and used sub-standard stuff, you are in big trouble.


And as always, it’s all about preference.


I had to cut a few paragraphs from the drafts since they were a little bit unnecessary. If I didn’t, this would be as good as a book!

Thanks for making it this far! Till the next digest!

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