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“Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We’re all going to die. Come watch TV.”
– Morty Smith –

It’s terminally condescending and that only the last bit of phrase made it seem like a joke is exactly why Rick and Morty is one of the best, if not the best, show in the entire Dimension C137.

I won’t go into the details about the creators and the birth of the show because like Morty said, existence has no purpose. But I am actually thankful for those two, they changed how I saw existence and reality (thanks, Justin and Dan!)

I will, however, want to list down a few reasons why I love this show and what I don’t like about it.


The show clearly has been regarded “philosophical” due to the reason that it tackles ideas like nihilism and existentialism very often in its episodes.

Unlike other adult cartoons, the show hasn’t relied on dirty or sexual jokes as often. Also, the other shows do not really focus much on philosophical topics as much as Rick and Morty when they do.

The show makes jokes by “mocking” the reality that we are perceiving and our species in all its “glory” (which I think is funny to some extent) – these were almost substantially true. That’s what I think they are presenting… I think. I could be wrong. *laughs*

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Morty talking to Summer that existence is a pain.

In an episode where I got the depressing quote, Morty calmed his sister Summer down. Who, in a crazy turn of events, was on the verge of leaving after finding out that she was unwanted and that her mother thought about getting an abortion.

It’s unconventional. Really. If I had to calm someone down from doing something foolish, I wouldn’t choose those words. But it worked. At least for Summer, that is. It’s also quite calming if I was to really think about it.

New motto? Perhaps. Yep. #NewMotto

It’s also safe to say that Morty, being dragged so often to other dimensions by his grandfather, has realized his life means nothing after knowing there are infinite versions of him in infinite dimensions. So you really can’t blame him for that talk with his sister.

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Rick and Morty digging graves for their ‘other’ selves: a reality where their other selves died in a failed experiment.

The episode tackled existential nihilism or that life is devoid of purpose or meaning.

To actually make jokes about something so deep and outright depressing is, to me, quite liberating and kind of relieving.

Laughing at the face of existence means I don’t have to deal with it anymore and just live on and do good things because it’s the right thing to do and not because it has an ultimate purpose.


Even if this idea isn’t originally theirs, I’d still think it’s the best idea I’ve ever encountered for animation/entertainment content.

Scanning through cable TV with shows from different dimensions is sort of televised Gatcha: you’ll never know what you would get.

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A Movie From Another Dimension: Alien Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers Who Are Just Regular Brothers Running In A Van From An Asteroid And All Sorts Of Things The Movie

I don’t know how it works but suggesting that, somehow, Rick’s device is able to tap into radio signals or whichever output these other life forms produce to radiate information is pretty neat.

Infinite realities mean infinite cable channels and they are all free! (thanks to Rick’s anarchism)

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Ants In My Eyes Johnson: “I hope our prices aren’t too low!”

Another pressing matter the show makes is that of how individual members of the family can contribute to breaking or making it. Here’s what I think Rick and Morty’s take  on ‘family’:

Jerry, a lowly life form as Rick would perceive him, is your typical human male who’s insecure and at the same time very eccentric (this is true in an episode where he and his wife was sent to a galactic marriage counsel… check it out)

Image result for galactic marriage counsel rick and morty
An episode where an institute creates living forms of how a partner sees its partner: apparently, Jerry’s a good-for-nothing worm

With that said, you can already assume his marriage with his wife and his relationship with his kids are not so good. His insecurities compliment his eccentric nature which is amplified by Rick (as he is a genius scientist and is also a very hard-to-please father-in-law) which in turn creates this unfatherly and un-husband-ly figure.

It may sound like I’m putting a hot pile of metal bars on Jerry but, the thing is, our concept of family relies on the effectivity of its members.

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Jerry Smith: “Pluto is a planet!”

Fathers are always portrayed as nonchalantly dumb and clueless persons in cartoons and comedy such as the Simpsons and Family Guy.

What this means is that a family can totally be worthless if a member is dysfunctional.

That’s where Beth comes in. She’s unlike her father but in a way she is similar. She is not a total anarchist but at some standpoint, she has control over her entire family and is doing a pretty good job at keeping it together despite Jerry and Rick’s peeing onto each other’s lawns (except in Season 3 when she and Jerry decided to spend time apart)

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Beth Smith: “If it were, you could call me Ernest Hemingway.”

This is only my two cents on how the Smith family is on the show so you are free to discuss and talk me out of it anytime you want (comment section is a good place to do that)

Boy, oh boy, how this show makes me think.


What I don’t like about the show is how it throws in random stuff and references I know nothing about.

But now that I talk about it, I don’t think it’s the show’s fault and this one’s on me. I’m not sure.

Image result for rick and morty the purge
Reference: The Purge… quite gross if you ask me. 😀

What is the purpose of this article anyway?

Are we back to existential nihilism?!

If you haven’t watched Rick and Morty, then I suggest you do because…

Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We’re all going to die. Go watch TV!

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