To all you nerds out there, year 12, 017 is going to end and it’s been a great year for the human race: both bad and good.

When we first formed our society 12, 017 years ago, it was only just about staying alive – eat, poop, sleep, repeat.

Now, it’s all about the staying alive spiritually, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally.

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OMG, Brenda. Totally.

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As one millennial philosopher would say, “You should accept all that is about your reality and yourself, and everything would seem brighter and meaningful. Avocado toasts can help you with that.”

And so, I’ve come up with farewell thoughts for 12, 017:



It’s been a good year for humanity and for you, I might as well say.

In multiple occasions, we’ve shown how we can all unite to pursue what is right, to protect what is valuable, and oppose those who dare try to take away the things that make this world a better place.

Although we all have our differences, we managed to put them aside for the greater good. We’ve managed to become selfless, even just for a few moments.

A small but bold step in our journey towards a unified community.

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We’ve all been bombarded with challenges this year, as an individual and as a species, but we’ve managed because we cared and we took action.

Yes, even your tiny little tweet about Trump backing out of the Paris Agreement has awakened the people around you. You’ve made them realize that this guy is up to no good (for the most part).

And hey, you’re still here! That’s a good thing. A great thing, tbh.

You’ve been promoted. You’ve had a great love life. You’ve started a Youtube channel and have 50 loyal subscribers!

Group of People Having Fun Together Under the Sun

No sarcasm, swear. Everyone starts small, you know. You are on your way to #Greatness!

You’ve achieved great good things this year. So why don’t you hug yourself and say, “You’ve done well, self. #Lodi



Although your life coach may tell you to focus on the positive and avoid the negative, you just can’t throw away the fact that bad things will always happen. #RealTalk

I personally don’t believe that life can be brilliant only by focusing on the positive. Our minds don’t just wrap around the thought of magnetic monopole, singularity, and one-sided arguments.

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The world just doesn’t work that way.

We’ve lost so much this year and you just can’t look away from these.

Yes, it’s sad, aggravating, depressing, disappointing, unbelievable, and all other adjectives you can think of that relates to anything unpleasant but you have to realize that without these, we would also not know the feeling of happiness, contentment, pride(the good kind), gratitude, etc.

It works in reverse, too.

So what to do with negativity?

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Do we look away from it? When we do, it’s still there and only time will tell when it’s ready to present itself in front of us again.

Do we deny it? When we do, it doesn’t deny itself and will still haunt us time and time again.

We accept it. We embrace it and acknowledge that it’s real and then we find a way to overcome it.

It’s pretty obvious that it is through facing our problems that we have heroes and strong people.

Don’t get me wrong, we still focus on the positive. What I’m trying to imply is that we shouldn’t avoid the negative while we’re at it. We face it and we patiently get the better of it.

Man Wearing Black and Gray Hoodie Jacket Near Airplanes Crashed

You can sulk, complain, and rant for a few moments, too. I mean you’re free to delay it but eventually, you will have to deal with it. Head on and headstrong!

I’m also not saying that this is ideal. Nothing is. Ever. I even think it’s easier said than done.

But if you agree that building a ladder to climb over a wall than looking away from it and hope that it disappears is a good way to get to the other side, then we can high-five!

And, boy am I out of topic.



The planets run around in circles (ellipses to be accurate).

There will always be a time when our view of the other planets in the sky will change with respect to their motion around the Sun. Other planets move faster or slower than Earth.

Image result for mercury retrograde

And just like how an adjacent car looks like it stopped for a moment when you both have the same velocity, it doesn’t affect your life.

No. Mercury doesn’t care about you. Nor should you.


Happy New Year, nerds!

Hopefully, I’ll be more inspired to write next year. I am hoping for more news about the mass reduction of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere.

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Wubalubadubdub, 2017!

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