Nerd’s Digest: Amazingly Weird!

This week, I’ve learned about how bacteria defend themselves, how an experiment might lessen atmospheric carbon dioxide, and radio signals that may determine the stuff that makes the Cosmic Web!

WARNING: Nerdy stuff inside! Read with caution! But seriously, great nerdy scientific stuff are inside!

Nerd’s Digest: The Spirit World

Religions all around the world have adopted different beliefs about the underworld or the place we all go to after we have lived our lives in this harsh reality. It’s so fitting that I write about what I’ve learned during the past week about the heavenly realms, the beings that resides on each ends, the stories, and myths. Let’s all get mystified.

Nerd’s Digest: The Less Popular

Not all actors are famous people. Not all famous people are actors. All famous people and non-famous people pay taxes all the same. This week’s digest is a little late. BUT, it doesn’t mean i’ll stop learning. So this week’s digest is all about the less-known stuff that I never knew and are quite interesting.…