I am writing this at I-don’t-know-what-date but it’s 3:36 AM. So, from that alone you can tell the kind of person I am – a living vampire. No, really, I’m just nocturnal. It also means I love getting my coffee – strong and sweet at the same time – at around +12 hours.


Quick Summary

Born in 1992, a son, a brother to two sisters, the eldest; loved eating raw carrots when I was 2 due to ticklish baby incisors.

I was sorted into the Ravenclaw House.

I struggled to keep up with my peers. I was slow in math and I was not as good as they were when it came to grammar.

I persevered.

I went to a school led by the Erudites (as studying in another faction is forbidden).

It was October 2014th that I became a licensed Electronics Engineer and got to work in a prestigious IT Company in the Queen City of the South a month after.

I now have a blog where I can talk about and rant about life and work on my grammar.

On A More Understandable Side of the Literature

I am Joedim, second of its name. My nickname is Totem which is the word I uttered back when I was young as I tried to say my name.

I work as a software developer but my ultimate goal in life is to be a professional nerd (also, to do research on the ISS).

My hobbies differ from time to time as I tend to retain hobbies for a short period of time every year. But habitual hobbies include writing, sports, and photography.

I am generally a science nerd but I also like to nerd on things like music and arts.

I am based in Cebu and I am planning to travel the world in search for the answers to humanity’s oldest and deepest question: why?

A proud member of the Cebu Blogging Community.



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