I’m Totem and I really don’t play the piano. #NewProfilePic

I’m born under Virgo and Monkey. Somehow, these arbitrations are believed to have relevance to a human person’s life but I really don’t mind. They sound fun, anyway.

I started blogging in 2014 but I have been writing stuff on the internet since 2009, back when Friendster was cool. I took it up seriously while working on a code to somehow relieve my self of the corporate weights on my shoulders.

I blogged in Caffeinheim before. The blog’s all about the little stories in my head and a few heartaches. It served as my stepping stone.

I blog about science, philosophy, medicine, and other stuff that are worth sharing. I put in a little “Totem” by the side while at it.

I am an engineer by profession, a creative mind by heart. I don’t make sense most of the time because my mind flows faster than my mouth (or for this case, my hands)

I stereotype myself as a member of Nerd-dom because that’s basically how society works. I also very much like to think that I am a cool person who can rap and be fashionable like my fashion blogger friends.

I very much like to get an award for blogging but like they always say, you can’t have what you want if you just watch TV series all day. Yep, I’m a master of procrastination so the award may have to wait. Also, I tend to be narcissistic such as right now.

Well, there isn’t much left to say except:

Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We’re all gonna die. So, go watch TV.

Keep the fire of curiosity alive, dear friend! 🙂